The little Ladybug travels to...

Have you ever thought about what would happen if a small insect got stuck in an aeroplane and by accident ended up in another part of the world? How would this little one cope and what would it experience in a new and strange place? This book series takes the thought a bit further, and tells the tale of a ladybug who gets to travel the world.

Every child should have a chance to learn about the big and wonderful world that surrounds them. The “The little Ladybug travels to” series takes us to different places around the world, where the local culture is experienced through the eyes of the Ladybug. The culture is presented in the shape of history, buildings, food, language, music, clothes and more. The books put all five senses into play, when the Ladybug tastes, hears, smells, feels and sees its way through the world.

The book is presented to the child in an easily understandable way, and they can identify themselves with the little adventurous Ladybug, who is so curious about the world.

The book is a picture book meant for reading aloud for children aged 3-7 years and as a self-reading book for children who are capable readers.

After reading the books, the child will have gained a knowledge of these places, and maybe even a feeling of actually having been part of a journey to these interesting places on earth.

It also gives the grown up a unique opportunity to talk with the children about the different places and cultures around the world. The books might rise some relevant questions about the destinations, and together you will have fun finding the answers.

In preschools, primary schools and home schools, the book will be a nice opening for a feature about the countries visited by the Ladybug. Teaching material in the form of learning and activity sheets will be available on

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Books That Stick With You

Sticking Together

The meeting and friendship between two boys who live on each side of the globe, but who meet in the community within the Filipino Martial Arts Arnis.

The book follows the boys' friendship and is at the same time seasoned with Filipino culture, nature and a way to show that even though we are different, friendship can arise.

Arnis is a big part of the book and the ancient martial art unfolds as a sporting bond between the boys, in which learning and mastery develops.

Sticking Together is the first book in the “Books that stick with you” series.

Book 2 - "Sticking around in Manila" is already in the making.

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